Goodies for sweet lovers

Hello, and CONGRATULATIONS! What an exciting time this is for you! 

Details, details, details! They are so important, and the smallest details can give you the  wedding you always dreamed of.    To me, the cake is the main centerpiece of a wedding.  It is the first thing your guests see when they walk into the venue and it gives them a vibe of what is to come.  I love creating a show stopping masterpiece!  Let me create yours! 


Born and raised in Calgary, AB, I grew up in a home that always had something baking in the oven! My late mother had a passion for baking, and I loved being around that! Watching her make new things, she taught herself everything she knew! She used to make Mediterranean desserts that only master pastry chefs knew how to make.  Her passion grew into MY heart and veins.  Now years later, on a daily basis I strive to learn new things.  When I don’t have a completely booked week, I practice new skills and feed them to my family!  I never make anything that I wouldn’t feed to them.

Dalal Charanek

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